Power Only

Power-Only Trucking: In the transportation industry, “power-only” often refers to a trucking service where only the tractor (power unit) is provided, and the trailer is supplied separately. This is common in situations where a company or individual needs to move a trailer, but they already have the trailer loaded and don’t need the trucker to provide one.

Power-Only Charging Stations: In the context of electric vehicles, “power-only” charging stations focus solely on providing electrical power for charging, without offering additional services such as rest areas or amenities. These stations are designed to quickly recharge electric vehicle batteries.

Power-Only Contracts: In business agreements, a “power-only” contract may refer to a specific type of arrangement where one party supplies the power (energy) and another party is responsible for utilizing or distributing it.

The meaning of “power-only” can vary based on the industry or context in which it is used. If you have a specific context in mind, please provide more details for a more accurate explanation.